In the past year, hundreds of thousands of refugees–men, women and children–have been gathering at Europe’s borders. They come from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Northern Africa. Since leaving their war-torn countries, they are seeking asylum for themselves and their families.

Many European countries have closed and are closing their borders to these refugees, forcing them to search further and further. England is one of the last countries still open. Calais, France is the transition point from Europe's mainland to England, and they gather in Calais in hope.

R3 volunteers are serving in Calais, France by donating clothing, food, and their hands and feet. Clothes and food need to be organized and distributed appropriately to help as many people as possible. R3, CalAid, and other local organizations are distributing food and clothing, providing free medical services, and are educating volunteers how to be the most helpful. We welcome volunteers on the ground and donations that make these services possible.

R3 is a non-profit that believes in restoring the whole person, not just physical needs, rationally planning and executing its projects, and engaging the need in a radical way that never leaves us the same. We hope that this site will serve as a voice to those who struggle to be heard above the cacophony of frivolous media stories and some misguided journalists.