Unfortunately, in a recent turn of events, our friends in Calais have suffered a terrible tragedy. A fire was set to the homes, or at least what could be considered a home there, of a good number refugees in Calais. This event happened in the light of the terrorist attacks in Paris, a 3 hours drive south of Calais.

Refugees Send a Message to Potential Terrorists

According to Buzzfeed, this is apparently the 5th fire that has taken place inside the Jungle and was due to a potential cooking accident. Of course, there is speculation that this was a revenge attack in the light of events in Paris, but there is no evidence to support such a claim.

As if the wet and cold winter were not enough added difficulty for our friends, the hateful actions have also raised greater suspicion about their true intentions and perhaps dried up fountains of aid from various groups. But the fact of the matter is that our friends are being affected by the The Jungle outside of the camp. The wild actions of those with education, opportunities, and freedom only dim the dreams of those who lack these very things.

CNN presents a video showcasing various refugees condemning the actions that took place in Paris and reminding the world that all they seek is life. A life fraught with liberty, happiness, and opportunities, not only for themselves, but for their children, and their children's children.

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