We appreciate your willingness to support this effort. Please read the following information carefully before filling in the sign-up form.


Though the donation of all items are generous, there are certain items that the refugees in Calais, France need. With the approaching winter, clothes that are warm and waterproof are essential. Food that is brought should be pre-packaged, easily stored, and far from its expiration date.


No previous experience is necessary to volunteer for this service project; we only require a willingness to help, to get your hands dirty, and to serve. We welcome medical professionals and construction workers/managers to help in their areas of expertise, as well.

We are thankful for the many responses all over the world to help the refugees of Calais, France. It is best for only those within reasonable driving distance to volunteer in Calais in person. The money that would be spent on airfare or mailed packages will be better used by the locals themselves in purchasing and providing the necessary supplies for the refugees. Thus, we ask that all long-distance volunteers donate funds to support the local volunteers in their impactful service.

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